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Neymar girlfriend dies in failed cosmetic surgery

The next shock for football superstar Neymar! After unknown persons broke into the house of the parents of his fiancée Bruna Biancardi and even...

Imperfections are the major enemies.

The trouble with imperfections is that you mostly feel fear, shame, and unworthiness and it takes a lot to feel otherwise. But once you...

Grab your life and run with it.

You want to do the work, right? You want to be productive and feel satisfied – like your life is on track. But if...

Your beliefs controls your body.

Your beliefs are the commander of your behavior and your results. They control our bodies and how we react and respond to crises, opportunities,...

Headline: Prince Harry Declines King Charles’ Offer for Joint Remembrance on Queen’s Anniversary

In a notable turn of events, Prince Harry rebuffed an offered olive branch from King Charles, declining an invitation to commemorate the anniversary of...

Seven habits of mentally tough people

If athletes, entrepreneurs, and first responders learn to develop mental toughness for their roles, it is clear that this is something one can nurture...

Your dream life.

Your dream life is financially possibleWhat keeps you in your job? Are you passionate about your work? Do you feel like it’s making a...


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