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Random Thoughts 💬💭

I. Another day, another chance to get life right.

2. You can’t ask for growth and fear struggle.

3. Express gratitude.

4. There will be many times when the door God opens for you will be an exit.

5. If you were given everything you prayed for today, are you prepared enough to keep it?

6. After excessive knocks on the door, love doesn’t always break in. Sometimes it finds another house to make a home.

7. Yes, boundaries are a fence, but trust me, when I

trust you, feel free to relax in my yard.

8. There are yesterdays i cherished dearly, but having them on constant replay is not living.

9. You can and you will if you want to and then choose to.

10. Life be life’n.

II. You will learn a lot about yourself by seeing the world. Do it often and take notes.

12. Looking at the time spent feature on Instagram has been an absolute game changer for me. Have you be paying attention to Hours spent so far 😁

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