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The Worst Cars Of 2024, According To Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a vital site for autobuyers seeking car and truck-buying advice. CR’s “Best Of” is out, but their “Worst Of” is equally essential for anyone shopping...

Here’s The List Of Countries That Considers Bitcoin Legal Or Illegal

While some countries have put on strict restrictions on the possession of Bitcoin, others have not cared to put out a clear set of...

This is how much money Benkos Signa owes to the Republic

Rene Benko in front of the Signa construction site on Vienna's Mariahilfer Strasse© APA, Getty (photomontage)Balance. How much does the Signa bankruptcy cost the Republic? SPÖ...

Navigating the Global Cryptocurrency Maze in 2024.

Bitcoin, amid its global adoption, faces a complex regulatory environment that may take decades to fully evolveIn the realm of cryptocurrency, the regulatory landscape...

Hungary Agrees to let €50bn EU Aid for Ukraine on One Condition

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has indicated Budapest's willingness to unblock €50 billion in European Union funding for Ukraine, contingent on a specific condition.In...

Europe Top 10 cheap and Sustainable Cities for vacation.

As we dream of the travels we'll embark on in 2024 and beyond, something to consider is sustainability – are we supporting eco-conscious establishments,...

From Holocaust Remembrance to Present Justice: Uniting Against Injustice and Building Hope.

The First Minister said freedom ‘relies on our willingness to defend each other’s human rights’.Scotland’s First Minister has urged people to “unite against hate”, as he...


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