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Thursday, February 22, 2024

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Trump Triumphs in New Hampshire, but Haley Holds Her Ground

Donald Trump may have clinched a resounding victory in the New Hampshire primary, but his celebratory demeanor masked an underlying irritation. Speaking from a...

Germany’s Strategic Moves: Preparing for the Possibility of Trump’s Return.

If Donald Trump becomes president again after the US elections: This is how the German government is preparingIn the wake of speculation surrounding a...

Trump’s Resurgence: The Terrifying Specter Haunting Davos

The global liberal elite is experiencing deep-seated fear at the prospect of a Trump 2.0 scenario, particularly following his resounding victory in the Iowa...

The end of democracy, the end of NATO? | How a Trump Comeback Would Change the World

You don't have to be a clairvoyant to say that a single election this year will determine the future of the entire world. It's...

Donald Trump wasRemoved from ballot papers and re-added

"Trump's Political Odyssey: A Legal Battle for the Ballot"In a dramatic twist on the American political stage, adversaries of Donald Trump are actively...


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