Ego is not as bad as some people think it is. You need some level of ego to survive the harsh terrain of the business world.

Too much ego, will, however, become a destructive tool, so you need to find a balance between no ego and too much ego. Speaking of ego, people will hurt your ego through their criticism, but it’s important to not wave off every single critic, simply because you don’t feel comfortable about it. There’s such a thing as positive criticism; some people tend to see better than we do, and it’s wise to embrace the critics of such people. No doubt, many critics fall on the negative side of the divide, so you must learn to differentiate between the two. First off, ask yourself if the person criticizing you is worth listening to. If they are, then take some moments to ponder on what they said — you may find wisdom in it.

But, at the same time, don’t be afraid to wave off negative criticism. They aren’t worth your time. See positive criticism as an opportunity to learn and broaden your horizon in the business landmark. Personally, you should be committed to learning all you need to know about your business and the processes involved in creating or delivering your products and services.


The author calls this “doing your homework”. There are many benefits to doing your homework. Some of them include quality products, customer satisfaction, and authority building. Be your own financial advisor. It’s good to get a qualified financial advisor who knows what they are doing, but these sort of folks are rare to find. You don’t want to employ the service of one who will only end up destroying your little fortune. Many people — especially people in the entertainment industry — who quickly got wealthy had lost their money through wrong financial advice from supposed experts.

Finance is a sensitive issue, and in most cases, you’re better off following your own advice. Yes, you can become your own financial advisor. It begins by following authority publications like “Forbes” and “The Wall Street Journal”. These publications will keep you up to date with current trends in the financial market — and, if you wish, you can get the names of expert financial advisors who can help you get the results you desire.

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