Interpol Africa Wraps Up Extradition Papers for Fleeing Binance Executive

Interpol Africa has completed the necessary extradition paperwork for the extradition of Nadeem Anjarwalla, a fugitive Binance executive, to Nigeria.

Key Points

  • Interpol Africa confirms the finalization of paperwork in the extradition process.
  • The Vice President of the organization outlines the steps taken thus far.
  • The Nigerian government continues its pursuit of the extradition.

The International Criminal Police Organization for Africa has announced the completion of all required paperwork for the extradition of Nadeem Anjarwalla, a Binance executive who fled authorities. Local reports suggest that Interpol Africa, along with relevant authorities, has intensified efforts to secure Anjarwalla’s extradition.

Garba Umar, Vice President of Interpol, has provided updates on recent developments, highlighting ongoing discussions with both the Kenyan and Nigerian governments. He emphasized the negotiation of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and relevant treaties with the Kenyan government.


Completion of Documentation Disclosed by Interpol
Umar noted that extradition processes are guided by the laws of each country, with Interpol facilitating by providing information and facilitating bilateral agreements. He reassured that the extradition process for Anjarwalla is underway, with all necessary paperwork finalized and handed over to Interpol for further action.

“Nadeem is subject to the same procedures as anyone else, and we are actively pursuing his extradition. We have received full cooperation and are progressing steadily. His apprehension is inevitable; it’s just a matter of time. All requisite paperwork has been completed, with law enforcement agencies submitting their documentation to Interpol for processing.”

Interpol’s Endeavors in Extraditing Binance Executive
Interpol has played a pivotal role in facilitating the extradition proceedings for the Binance executive. The Vice President of Interpol explained that the organization is ensuring Kenya’s compliance with all regulations to facilitate Anjarwalla’s transfer to Nigeria for trial.

Umar highlighted Interpol’s swift action upon Anjarwalla’s escape from custody, activating its network across 196 countries. Multiple avenues were explored, including potential exit points, to track the fugitive’s movements.

“Following Nadeem Anjarwalla’s escape, INTERPOL was promptly notified and sprang into action, collating relevant data and disseminating it to our network spanning 196 countries. This enabled us to monitor his whereabouts, anticipate his movements, and ultimately ascertain his location in a specific country.”

The Nigerian government has intensified its efforts to secure the extradition, pressing charges against Binance and its two executives in the country.

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