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Trump Triumphs in New Hampshire, but Haley Holds Her Ground

Donald Trump may have clinched a resounding victory in the New Hampshire primary, but his celebratory demeanor masked an underlying irritation. Speaking from a...

Germany’s Strategic Moves: Preparing for the Possibility of Trump’s Return.

If Donald Trump becomes president again after the US elections: This is how the German government is preparingIn the wake of speculation surrounding a...

Trump’s Resurgence: The Terrifying Specter Haunting Davos

The global liberal elite is experiencing deep-seated fear at the prospect of a Trump 2.0 scenario, particularly following his resounding victory in the Iowa...

Austria FPÖ Kickstarting 2024: Herbert Kickl’s Fiery Rally and Unfiltered Critiques

In a bold New Year's address to 2,500 attendees in Premstätten, FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl declared a "political shift with a libertarian chancellor." Amidst...

“Biden’s Cognitive State Controversy: Demands to Invoke 25th Amendment Due to Observable Indications of Health Condition, Amid Instances of Perceived ‘Confusion’ and Hesitation in...

Calls for Joe Biden's resignation using the 25th Amendment have emerged this week, amid speculation that the 80-year-old president is grappling with dementia, according...


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