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Why is Amazon suddenly transferring cents to me?

Many Austrian customers are currently wondering about the cent amounts that Amazon recently transferred to them as a "refund". If you take a closer look, you...

ICJ’s Gaza Genocide Order – Shaping Peace in the Middle East

In a groundbreaking decision, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague has directed Israel to undertake decisive measures aimed at averting genocide...

An Irritated Victor and a Persistent Contender

Despite a resounding win in the US state of New Hampshire, Donald Trump is visibly irked: He's pushing for Nikki Haley to exit the...

From Holocaust Remembrance to Present Justice: Uniting Against Injustice and Building Hope.

The First Minister said freedom ‘relies on our willingness to defend each other’s human rights’.Scotland’s First Minister has urged people to “unite against hate”, as he...

Echoes of Humanity: Navigating Past Tragedy to Shape a Compassionate Future

Welcome back, folks, to another riveting episode of our podcast, where we dive deep into pressing issues, celebrate humanity, and shed light on moments...

Trump Triumphs in New Hampshire, but Haley Holds Her Ground

Donald Trump may have clinched a resounding victory in the New Hampshire primary, but his celebratory demeanor masked an underlying irritation. Speaking from a...

Germany’s Strategic Moves: Preparing for the Possibility of Trump’s Return.

If Donald Trump becomes president again after the US elections: This is how the German government is preparingIn the wake of speculation surrounding a...


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