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Norway, Ireland, and Spain Make Historic Move to Recognize Palestinian State, Sparking Diplomatic Tensions.

In a landmark decision, Norway, Ireland, and Spain have declared their recognition of a Palestinian state, eliciting strong reactions from both Israel and the...

ICJ’s Gaza Genocide Order – Shaping Peace in the Middle East

In a groundbreaking decision, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague has directed Israel to undertake decisive measures aimed at averting genocide...

Turkish President Threatens Military Action in Support of Palestinians, Straining Relations with Israel

ISTANBUL (danchimatv) - In a fiery address to hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestinian protestors, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a stark warning to...

Israel Launches Intensive Airstrikes on Gaza in Unprecedented Escalation

Israel has initiated a powerful airstrike campaign on Gaza, marking the most intense assault in the 75-year history of its conflict with the Palestinians....

HAMAS Issued a Full Statement on 🇵🇸 Vs 🇮🇱 Conflicts.

Press release We adamantly reject to be expelled from our homes once again. We will resist Israel’s attempt to ethnically cleanse Gaza.Our unwavering...

The Israel-Hamas Conflict: A Push for Peace Amidst Strained Relations

The Israel-Hamas conflict has been a long-standing issue, marked with deep-rooted grievances and a history of violence.This article aims to present a contrasting...


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