The next shock for football superstar Neymar! After unknown persons broke into the house of the parents of his fiancée Bruna Biancardi and even wanted to kidnap his four-week-old daughter, the Brazilian has to cope with the death of his close friend Luana Andrade. The 29-year-old died after a failed cosmetic operation.

According to the Daily Mail, the model and fitness influencer, whose Instagram account is followed by over 500,000 people, wanted to have fat on her knee suctioned. However, the procedure backfired. Serious complications arose during the operation. Eventually, Andrade died of a pulmonary embolism.

Neymar reacts


Neymar shared emotional words on his Instagram story after the death of his good friend. “My condolences to the whole family, may God welcome Luana with open arms,” he wrote.

Neymar has a lot of terrible things to deal with these days. In terms of sport, the superstar is currently suffering from a cruciate ligament and meniscus tear himself and will be out for a longer period of time.

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